Why I love My Boyfriend So Much?

Everybody has one soul mate, who loves you more than you, reads your mind and gets you all the happiness, just like I have. Me and My boyfriend are in long-distance relationship for last 4 years. I always dream of a prince who loves me truly, respects me swipe off my tears and makes me happy. Thank god for getting me my prince charming, he has all the qualities what i want. Sometimes I feel so lucky to have him, he cares for me, loves me a lot, makes me smile with his funny jokes, talks.


A simple question was asked to me by my friend that why i love my boyfriend so much. I kept wondering why i love him? Then, i answered her, simply because he loves me and i too. He always makes me feel like a princess, always happy to see me, listens to me, read my innermost thoughts, respects me, makes me a better person, shares his life with me, understands me. He knows how to bring a smile to my face, light in my life, he is the inspiration. Every time he looks at me my heart skips a beat. His warm smile just makes my heart melt, he can get me out of a bad mood and there are so many other reasons.

It’s not the physical part that brings you closer to someone, but the love, understanding and care you share with each other makes you lifetime partners. Sometimes, there are situations when he hurts me, but the second moment he makes me smile and say, “ I love you”, I forgot all. It’s he only who can love me more than me. For me there is no such definition of love, love just happens. Thank you god for giving me such a wonderful gift in my life.


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